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Retirement Planning


Whether you are associated with a company with a 401(k) or you are self-employed, we can help tailor the right retirement plan for you based on your specific situation.


Maybe all of your money is tied up in a company 401(k), but you still need help through a specific situation. Through a consulting arrangement, we help clients through specific situations, such as: budgeting, student loan analysis, or even individuals going through a divorce. You don't need interments to work with us. 


Many small business owners would benifit from stretegic planning. With this arangment, we would discuss the cash flow needs of the business owner, plan for taxes, and give them advice throughout the year on how to best utilize their money and save for retirement in a tax efficient manor. 

Social Security Planning

If you are within 5-10 years of retirement, the decision on when to take socail secuirty is estremely important. THe answer depends on your specific situation, your retirment goals, and your family health history. Even if alot of your money is tied up in a company 401(k), you can still work with us to plan for retirement and the timing of social secuirty.

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